Shadow of Past- back story

Love revels a relation and trust with this world. I miss one more thing together ‘betrayal ‘, heart broken down, crying, tears. Keith, also got similar memories.

Part -2

Suddenly, Keith open her eyes, She found herself laying in a place. It’s dark night, owl’s voice can be heard clearly. She was shivering and trying to get up. She felt something sticky cool things, It’s soil. Her mind was blowing. She try to get up,but her head is dizzying and having pain. She heard some sound is coming from so far. Seems like a lady is arguing with a guy. She gets up hurriedly and looks around she found herself in a Cemetery.

She want to get out from there, but she didn’t understand how or when she came there? She starts chasing the voice. After some walk she can be heard clearly the conversation between them,she wanted to tell them for help but she hides behind the tree. They were her father and step mother talking about her.

“Bob,what you think to do with her now? I helped you enough for bring her here. Now I can’t let her alive anymore”. the lady shouting.
“clam down, I’ll put her into coffin and buried. As I was buried her mother’s body.” her father replied.

Keith could not stop her tears, she couldn’t believe that what she heard.She keep hide there. There was dark, hard to find someone. She feels a pain behind her head. They both keep looking for her with torch where they left her faint.

“Walk fast lazy goat, I don’t have time for that foolish girl” the lady shouting.
“She is not here… Where is she gone?”, He shout with a shocked.
“lazy old goat, I knew that, Are you sure that you left her here?” lady shout.

She ran away from there. It’s hard to run for her and her head was dizzying. But she keeps running by holding her head.After some time, she saw a house with dim light. But hard to recognise because of darkness everywhere. She go there for hide to that house and hope for some help .There’s a dim light on there on the main door. She rings the bell and knocks the door but no one answers. So, she entered in to the house by a window, which is already opened and broken. It’s dark inside, moonlight is sparkling through the window, broken glass on floor dust cover everywhere. She spent whole night sitting aside of window. She was shivering whole night. She was feeling something soft and feather over her body and she falls asleep.

Suddenly, she woke up because of light, sunlight is coming though the window. Her head is still hurts, she touches her head, she saw little blood on her fingers. She feels thirsty so she gets up and when she looks around the house she shocked…

To be continued…


Hey guys comment and please tell me about your opinion.It’s very precious to me for more improvement.


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