Shadow of Past -Towards the secrets

…..She shocked to see herself in that house.That was her mother’s death place. She came to know about that when she was came here to find out the whole thing.

Chapter 1

One year ago,
I was working at bakery shop with Ms Elle. She adopted me when I was 3years old till then she is my mother and everything. I don’t know much about my family only Elle told me that, she and my mother was childhood friends and when my mother is died and dad was missing, so she adopted me. Ms Elle was separated from her husband and her daughter is with him. We are living in Rockford.
I’m Keith Anderson, I will found all the truth.
“mom,I’m ready I’ve to go now I’m getting late for flight” I told to Elle.
I’m going to Madison where my family was living and I’ve to find my Dad and revels the secret of my mom’s death.
“my baby, have safe journey, tell me when you reached to the airport.”
“okay my dear mom,I’ll. Take care yourself bye.”
I took a taxi to the airport. Suddenly, a boy showing up for the lift. I told driver to stop.
“hey, I’m sorry to stop, but I need help for reach airport otherwise I’ll miss my flight.” he said to me.
“Okay, come in, I’m too going toward airport.” I replied him.
“thank you ,” he sits beside me. “I’m Allen Parker, thanks for helping me, where are you going? For spending holidays?” he asked me.
” No,just to meet my family at Madison , Are you going for spending holidays?” I asked.
“hey, that’s amazing, I’m too going for Springfield to meet my family, same..” he replied with a smile.
After some time, we reached to the airport. I thought that was our last meeting with that guy. I go for check in and then I looking for my seat. I got my window seat. But after sometime that guy sit to my next.
“hey, you are here. Wow, you’re sitting with me “he replied with shock.
“That’s a coincidence.” I replied.
“well, you didn’t told me your name.”
“I’m sorry, I’m Keith Anderson, nice to see you here again.”

We chatted too much whole way. He makes me laugh and we shares our numbers. After some hour, we have landed. It’s evening 7 o’clock, we’re going toward exit.
“finally I reached here after many years. My brother will be here for pick up me.” he said.
“that’s nice , nice to talk with you Allen, I hope we’ll be meet again, I have to take a cab and book a room.” I told him.
I was new at there I don’t know where to go, so I decided to live in a hotel. I remember to call mom.
“what!, it’s not safe live in a hotel. You may come with us you don’t have to worry about anything, you can stay at my house.” he forced me.
“No, I’ll manage .. I’ll go with cab, you don’t have to worry about me. ” I tried to refuse.
Suddenly, his brother called him from far.
” Hey bro,Allen, here… I’m here,come.” Kevin shows his hand.
“hey, Kevin I’m coming”. He grabbed my hand and luggages and took me with him.
“Allen… What are you doing? Try to understand.” I request him and trying to clarify.
” I’ve remember that you helped me, I want to help you, it’s about to night so not to safe outside. Please.” he replied.
“hey brother, who is she? Your girlfriend? ” his brother intended.
“wait Allen, I know that we’ve some coincidence in some cases. But don’t worry about me It’ll be complicated. I’m here to find out my family I don’t know much about them. And the address I know, I’m not sure they are now lives there or not.. So how can I go there? I’m came here first time. Try to understand .” I explained.
“so? That’s the simple reason? I can’t let you leave alone, it’s night and about to be rain. You come with me at my home, I have a sister, you’ll be safe I promise.” he insists me.
“hey brother what’s wrong with you guys? You please come with us. See, it’s raining.. Hurry, sit into the car.” Kevin pleased to me.
It’s raining, and dark night. I agreed to go with him. We sit in to the car. Suddenly, my phone rings. It’s mom’s phone call.
“hey mom, sorry for not call you. I reached here safely. I got good friends, I’m safe here you don’t have to worry.” I told her.
“my baby, you got good friends? Be careful with them. I’ll call you later “.
“Bye mom,good night, it’s raining here. Take care yourself.” I disconnected the phone.

To be continued…

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