BeautyAdhikary shared a Wattpad quote with you

Since You Left

“What is changed?
Since you left?”
Only hearts is broken down.
“It was I who is changed.
Tell me why you left?”
I was lost into deepest deepest darkness,
To finding you.
I’m calling you calling you as madness,
Where are you?
Hello,Are you there?
Send me a letter to my door,
I’ve lots of unsent letters for you.
Dear,Are you listening?
Give me a voice at my moor,
I’ve lots of love roses for you.
I’m searching to the streets to ocean,
Come back to me.
I’m waiting for you hours to years,
Come love me.
“I’m not yet changed,
I’m as alone as before,
Come back into my heart.
I’m waiting. ”
“since you left.”


I’m reading “Girl’s Letter ” on Wattpad.

Hey readers, how’s you all? I hope you are doing great..

What is your opinion about my poems?

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