Celebrate Love of valentine’s day.

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How’s you all? It’s fabulous Feb. This month comes with a full of love and flowers. In this month we lovers and singles waiting for our love one’s and willing for express our feelings. The day, Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love, and we all think of it as celebrating romantic love with our love one’s. love comes in many forms, and can go in many directions. But I want to suggest you to keep your love true and alive. Don’t play with it. Love is everything for a human beings.

When we borns we get first love hugs and kisses from our mother and father. With family loves, friends love we grown up. One valentine’s day for those who is our first love one’s.

After some age periods, we starts looking for our love mates. In thinking of that person will be my life long life partner . It can be difficult, joyful, painful, overwhelming, profound. Often, it walks hand in hand with loss. But love is love. We can’t change our feelings, memories, affections. Celebrate this day with everyone whom you love and wants to keep them with you forever and don’t want to lose them. It doesn’t matter who is that person, mother, father, sister, brother, friends, grandfather, grandma, wife, child, and lovers. It’s love month, so matters with only love. Gift them whom you love. Because valentine’s day for them usually we celebrate for as relation to girlfriend and boyfriend. But celebrate with everyone. Make stronger your memories, relationships and love. Money, assets etc etc isn’t be for forever. But love will be stays for ever. day after we will die. It will be same.

But how many of those relation stays life long till last day on earth? Be loyal and true with your relationships with whom you going to made your valentine’s day. In thought and aim withupcoming next year I will be make you again my valentine.”


Thanks readers.. Love you all. Happy February.


Loves and lovers 

when someone’s “I love you” being safe inside a cage jar and it openes when, it is confirm that every thing is okey, problem free. it is called Arranged. then jar is handed to that perfect person. and if isn’t that person from problem free, those words aren’t for them . It goes to other perfect person. means,would be wife or husband.

In other words, love is nothing, its changes time to time, person to person. As I saw, one person has feelings for another. He/she wants to express it but he/she assures before express that isn’t there any problem, is his /her family accepts me or likes me,about that person’s quality, financial position, assets etc. are fine. Then he/she express their feelings. “l love you “. It happens Arrange marriage, or arrange love.

Why!!! Why people is so selfish? They shares feeling as meanness. is Love is love? Or nothing? If you really love someone so love their heart,soul. Don’t change and don’t handed other’s love to other those love word. Keep your jar safe and gift them right person who is actually belongs.

Because. Love and loves are not actually love and loves its all greedy and wants. No one is honest in world. Being honest with your love relation.


I don’t know I’m right or wrong, it’s just my point of view. Comment please about your opinion.




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Since You Left

“What is changed?
Since you left?”
Only hearts is broken down.
“It was I who is changed.
Tell me why you left?”
I was lost into deepest deepest darkness,
To finding you.
I’m calling you calling you as madness,
Where are you?
Hello,Are you there?
Send me a letter to my door,
I’ve lots of unsent letters for you.
Dear,Are you listening?
Give me a voice at my moor,
I’ve lots of love roses for you.
I’m searching to the streets to ocean,
Come back to me.
I’m waiting for you hours to years,
Come love me.
“I’m not yet changed,
I’m as alone as before,
Come back into my heart.
I’m waiting. ”
“since you left.”


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A new part of the poem.. Girls letter

When, I found truth,
Moreover, the trust I do.
I was afraid to lose you,
When we were do stargazing.
We were addicted to each other.
I think .
The memories we have,
I have deleted.

Your eyes, the deepest feelings.
Hold you my fingers,
You grabbed my hand,
Makes me closer than ever,
I feel those hugs and kisses you do.
I know,
The memories we have,
I have been deleted them now.


I’m reading “Girl’s Letter ” on Wattpad.

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Poetry… “Girl’s letter”


You’ll see,

Dangerous face of mine.

But still,

It is not my crime.

Faults made,

You didn’t try to understand.

Good Bye,…..

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