Shadow of Past

HELLO readers, how’s you all?please read this story. Must read  and tell me about this. 

Part- 1

“Bye Keith, I hope we’ll be meet again, your memories will be always with me. I’ll never forget you. Bye take care ” said Allen.
“I hope so, bye…. ” I replied. But maratha intrupted me.

“listen, we’re getting late for our flight. I know you’re upset but we can’t do anything, forget the past he is mine now. I know ,it’s quite hard to forget about the past. “said maratha.

“maratha, past can’t be forgotten and shadows never leave anyone. Any way happy journey “I replied

Then they leave.I wasn’t alone there. She was with me. I told her that “I’ll be back soon but now I’m going to be alone some time, I need some space “.

It was dawn, wind was blowing. I thought I should go back to Ms Elle. I was thinking about whole things what happened.Allen, he helped me so much, I started to love him.I thought he is too loves me. But how could he marry her?” I was crying, and looking at the small grasses. Suddenly, I heard a voice.

“hey Keith Anderson, it’s your time to leave the world. ”

To be continued.. 



A day of outing

Hey readers, how’s you all?

Last day, I have been met with my two cousins for first time, we haven’t met ever before because they were live other state. So I never got chance before.

So, we made a plan for a outing trip nearby.So we went to the sea beach and a beautiful garden. Amravati Park, new digha to old digha. I’m going to show some pictures of tour.

At Amravati Park there is lots of variety of different types of flowers

This is the sculpture of shakuntala, it is situated at new digha, West bangal, India

At Amravati Park It is situated at new digha, West bangal India

I enjoyed alot with those guys and my sisters.. But I enjoyed at the Amravati Park alot, at New digha.

I visited at Amravati Park since I was 10 years old, with my family.. There was a beautiful lotus’s pond, in which lots of lotus were grows in colour of pink, white, dark pink… But now it is no more.. It became ruined.

There is lots of swings, slide, seesaws, many more children entertainment things.. Those are same as I saw last time.

There is a rabbit’s house, cute little rabbits you can see, there is a lake in which you can do boating and enjoy views. And many more things you can enjoy.

Whole garden is full of flowers, different types flowers rose, marigolds, daisy, dalia, pansy, etc. Many types of trees, plants.

After exit from there walk of 10 -15 minutes you’ll be reach to the sea beach.. There is beautiful market of handmade jewellery, decorative items, accessories, dolls,and many more items which is made by sea shell.

Side of beach there’s lots of food stalls are available with variety of foods and drinks..

We enjoy the sunset.. It was looks like a big red ball is shrinking into the sea.

Overall, we enjoyed alot.. The park and the beach.. Both is very comfortable place for everyone.



2019’s Goals and bucket list’s 

Hello readers, how’s all? 

So, guys it’s kinda interesting topics for everyone… Because it’s new new year and I’m very excited about this year’s Goals and bucket challenges… 


Last year’s goals I’ve done little much..  But this year I really want to do something new, different  ,unique, wired things… 

I know everyone loves to do this kind of stuff, things…  And everyone are excited for new year’s resolution and goals, achievements.. 

I Little bit made my list’s. In which I added health bucket list, travel bucket list, beauty,  Hobby, and others but not yet complicated them.. Because of my semester exams.. But now it’s over.. 

So, guys I want some ideas for this.. You guys can share yours ideas and inspiration things.. I would like to know about them.. 

And I’ll share the each experiences with you guys. 

 Thanks,  love you all 

I’ll be back with new things..