Blossom of loveĀ 

Hello readers, 

This is a poetry from my diary , I wrote it when, I was feeling lonely and  I miss those days.

Blossom of love 

I saw once

The blossom of love 

Many years ago on my garden, 

Remember, those days? 

When I was gone 

Into depth of  heart, 

Birds were chirping on 

The tree of love 

Flowers were blossomed 

Remember, those days of love? 

But, I had left them behind 

Now, I thought…

Birds will never back 

Those birds, those flowers, 

Those days ,those rains,

“Come back again “

Yes, I know that very well, 

It will never blossom. 

My garden of love

My rose bushes, 

It’s only a shadow of past 

In my mind, Now I write 

Blossom of love. 


Dear readers, comment please about this poetry .

Thank you