Loves and loversĀ 

when someone’s “I love you” being safe inside a cage jar and it openes when, it is confirm that every thing is okey, problem free. it is called Arranged. then jar is handed to that perfect person. and if isn’t that person from problem free, those words aren’t for them . It goes to other perfect person. means,would be wife or husband.

In other words, love is nothing, its changes time to time, person to person. As I saw, one person has feelings for another. He/she wants to express it but he/she assures before express that isn’t there any problem, is his /her family accepts me or likes me,about that person’s quality, financial position, assets etc. are fine. Then he/she express their feelings. “l love you “. It happens Arrange marriage, or arrange love.

Why!!! Why people is so selfish? They shares feeling as meanness. is Love is love? Or nothing? If you really love someone so love their heart,soul. Don’t change and don’t handed other’s love to other those love word. Keep your jar safe and gift them right person who is actually belongs.

Because. Love and loves are not actually love and loves its all greedy and wants. No one is honest in world. Being honest with your love relation.


I don’t know I’m right or wrong, it’s just my point of view. Comment please about your opinion.


Blossom of loveĀ 

Hello readers, 

This is a poetry from my diary , I wrote it when, I was feeling lonely and  I miss those days.

Blossom of love 

I saw once

The blossom of love 

Many years ago on my garden, 

Remember, those days? 

When I was gone 

Into depth of  heart, 

Birds were chirping on 

The tree of love 

Flowers were blossomed 

Remember, those days of love? 

But, I had left them behind 

Now, I thought…

Birds will never back 

Those birds, those flowers, 

Those days ,those rains,

“Come back again “

Yes, I know that very well, 

It will never blossom. 

My garden of love

My rose bushes, 

It’s only a shadow of past 

In my mind, Now I write 

Blossom of love. 


Dear readers, comment please about this poetry .

Thank you