Loves and lovers 

when someone’s “I love you” being safe inside a cage jar and it openes when, it is confirm that every thing is okey, problem free. it is called Arranged. then jar is handed to that perfect person. and if isn’t that person from problem free, those words aren’t for them . It goes to other perfect person. means,would be wife or husband.

In other words, love is nothing, its changes time to time, person to person. As I saw, one person has feelings for another. He/she wants to express it but he/she assures before express that isn’t there any problem, is his /her family accepts me or likes me,about that person’s quality, financial position, assets etc. are fine. Then he/she express their feelings. “l love you “. It happens Arrange marriage, or arrange love.

Why!!! Why people is so selfish? They shares feeling as meanness. is Love is love? Or nothing? If you really love someone so love their heart,soul. Don’t change and don’t handed other’s love to other those love word. Keep your jar safe and gift them right person who is actually belongs.

Because. Love and loves are not actually love and loves its all greedy and wants. No one is honest in world. Being honest with your love relation.


I don’t know I’m right or wrong, it’s just my point of view. Comment please about your opinion.



Bunch of memories —2

Hello readers, how’s you all

So, I’m back with my story what happened after that. When I told him about my feelings.. And he responded it next day after duty, 

So, we were sitting at garden ,he asked me what is the reason for  love to him? Firstly I was nervous then I replied that “nothing, love does not  for any reason it’s just happened ” then… After few minutes he said that …

When did  I started love him? What qualities he had  to love him? What I saw into him that I started to love him? He was asking so many questions . And I was just listening . 

I was silent, so he asked me, why you love me? I said “there’s no spacial reason for love you, I know you very well or maybe I don’t ,I know we’re not from same religion ,we have different destiny, different choices, different likes and dislikes  everything I know but  specially we’re good friends so I love you. ”

Then he asked “ok, I understand, but what if I refuse you? Or if I have already a girl friend?  Then What will you do? ”

That time I was thinking,  is this my LOVE INTERVIEW?, why I told him so?? I should not have told him.  

He is too talkative boy , and I’m less. I understand now that was just my attraction and I was thinking I’m in love. Actually it was not happened  with me, it is happening with all teenagers. We could  not make difference between love and attraction. We watched in movies and TV shows that girl and boy fall in love with a one sight and we thinks “yes this is that person whom I was looking for ” but how?? How we can love a person without knowing them? And we make mistakes and then after few days,  we do breakup. 

So, I replied him, “nothing ,what can I do after that? I’ll be just as friends, and will  happy to see you with your love ones. And promise I’ll never disturb you. “my eyes were become wet, I wasn’t make my eye contact with him. Then, he held my hand and said, “stupid girl, why are you crying? Listen don’t cry ,you know that very well if someone cries then I can’t hold my tears so long, stop crying. ”

I said “ no, I’m not crying,  so can we go now? I’m getting late for home, I’ve to go. “

Then he said “but first tell me again what you told me yesterday on phone, I wanna hear it now here then. “

 I said “you have another girlfriend you just  told me about that”. He said “I was just kidding, stupid girl so are you gonna tell me now? ”

I said “yes, I love you “then he smiled and said “stupid girl, I love you too “. I was shocked, that he said that he loves me? I asked “When did you started love me? “he said “its from many days but I wasn’t wanna tell you now I wanted to  tell you after some days, ”  I shocked and asked “oh really? “he said “Oky let’s go for home? ” 

That day we were so happy, I held his hand and we were walking on street, it was evening, mild wind was blowing and moon arose Stars were shining, I can’t forget about that day. We were laughing, I was feeling so free, we ate ice-cream, and he was talking to much. He used to  talkative and I’m as always less talks. I said “never leave me , you are my first love”. Then he said nope I’m not gonna lose you, what will happen when I married with someone else, what will you do? “  I replied “nothing ,I will gonna unmarried for ever, and you will be a dady “…then we were laughing together.

So, everything was going good for some days, I was happy, so, we made plan for date  on upcoming Sunday .I was excited, so, that day…  To be continued. 

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Bunch of memories —1

Hello readers, how’s you all? 

I’m here with a story , it’s about attreaction when I was attracted with a guy. But I wasn’t know anything about love or relationship, it was because I was a teenager. 

Relationships related to love, trust or  friendship, and each other are extremely important for a happy life. A similar person has given me a very good memories. 

So, Next  day I had reached on time, he was the same too. So I thought it’s nice that  I got a sole mate in same post , because it was a new job for me  and I do not understand anything about it . And luckily he was so kind to me and also he helped me and other staffs were too. He was so nice to me, but at first I felt weird for him because why a guy being so nice to me? After that I thought let’s be friends and We both of us were introduced each other 

At lunch time, we ate lunch together  with little talk.From the very first day, we both got frank .There were two more girls with us , who had been working there with us ,but the they were older than me.Then we all soon became friends but he and I became very good  friends.We both used to share our talk , foods, work lords and so on.We used to go home together.Either we used to wait for  other. 

Next day, after finish our duty, we were walking out and we were talking I came to know that he had not his parents, they were died in the car accident. I felt so bad for him, my heart became melt ,he said that he had one sister who is studying and he had many bad days. I told him that don’t worry, everything will okey one day Keep progress you’ll be have happy life.

I do not know why, I started thinking more about him. At the office I was  always search for  him, I felt more attached to him. And Why not?When he will talk to me so much or being so nice to me ,he helped me , anymore will be attract with him .whenever at office I go  anywhere in the office, I saw him there and he was smiling at me. Even after the office, we used to walk for about a couple of hours, eat ice cream , eat roll, eat momo, laugh and be happy with it together, .Then he leave me up to the Metro station .We used to talked on phone and social media. 
I did not know what was in his mind but I was attracted to him. 

Then one day I decided to tell him that what I have feelings for him. So, I  told him on the phone that I started loving him .He did not say much to me that day . I thought, he didn’t like what I told him . 

Now I understand, that was my wrong and fast decision. I wasn’t understand what is love and attraction. So

The second day he was normal as every day in the office.He did not eat lunch together.Then in the evening after the office ,we were in the garden, then he asked me, what is the reason of love to him ?Firstly I was nervous then I replied that “nothing, love does not  for any reason it’s just happened ” then… After few minutes he said that ….. To be continued.